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Manipulation, which is supported by most guidelines, is recommended by primary care physicians in only 2% of the acute nonspecific LBP cases.

Spine 2011

Non-Specific LBP…

Non-specific LBP encompasses approximately 85% of all back pain diagnoses, affecting 80% of all adults at a cost estimated at $100 billion annually.

Spine 2004

Second Leading Cause…

Back pain is the second leading cause of physician visits and hospitalizations.

Arch Intern Med. 2004

Workers Comp Review…

Washington State Workers Comp review of low back injuries: 42.7% of individuals who initially saw a surgeon eventually had surgery compared to 1.5% of those who first saw a chiropractor eventually had surgery.


About the book:

  • Evidence based spine care places spinal manipulation therapy, a proven effective treatment for non-specific low back pain, as the first treatment to be utilized for @ 85% of all back pain diagnoses.
  • This book was compiled to educate health care providers, health care policy makers, health educators and spine patients regarding the value SMT/spinal manipulation therapy (aka chiropractic adjustments), brings to public health
  • Spinal manipulation therapy, provided primarily by doctors of chiropractic, is grossly underutilized in spite of abundant support for SMT in peer reviewed research and most spine care guidelines
  • Our goal is for this book to help “tip” the tipping point and dramatically increase utilization of spinal manipulation therapy, to improve patient outcomes and save billions.
  • Profits from the sale of this book, after operating expenses, will be donated to chiropractic PACs to fund legislative action in support of chiropractic.
  • Kit includes 10 copies of the book” to: Purchase 10 copies at a 43% discount!

Suggestions for the use of the book:

  • Personally give a copy (and ask for their feedback and encourage them to share the book with colleagues) to:
  • Physician patients
  • Business owner patients and friends
  • Human resources patients and friends
  • Health insurance claims reps you know or treat
  • “Difficult” claims reps you regularly interact with (ie WC or NF)
  • Physicians who refer to your office regularly, as a thank you for the referrals and in support of them continuing to refer their spine care patients to you with confidence
  • Any groups that are working together as a PCMH or ACO, MCO that you are interested in negotiating with to contract with or develop closer referral networking with
  • Skeptical, scientific patients (or for happy patients with a skeptical, scientific relative that is giving the patient a hard time about going to a chiropractor)
  • Anyone who claims to your face that chiropractic or SMT is not scientific
  • Plus, leave one or two in your waiting room with “Office Copy” on the cover
  • If you think of any other ways to use the book, please share your ideas with us!

About the authors:

Carrie Goettsch, DC     Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa 1980 

  • Owner, Brighton Hill Chiropractic
  • Past president, New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) district 12

Denise Karsten, RN, DC    New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, New York 1996

  • Owner: Harrison Center Chiropractic
  • Chief of Staff Chiropractic Department-New York Spine and Wellness
  • Attending Chiropractor: Syracuse VA Hospital
  • Chiropractic Medical Director: Excellus BCBS of CNY

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